Stuff of Ours to Watch this Women in Horror Month #WIHM9

This Women in Horror Month we’ve been sharing some of our favorite scary shorts and features  made by other people. Here are some shorts we made ourselves that are both available streaming and frighteningly appropriate viewing for your February celebration of women in horror!

Small Talk

(Dir. Nicole Solomon)

It’s just another day at the home office for Al and her phone sex gig until sudden headaches and gory client deaths start disrupting her routine. Is she somehow connected to the brutal demise of her callers?

Watch the full film on Amazon (free with Prime), Seed&Spark or rent/buy in the 4MC Store (purchase the Deluxe Edition with tons of bonus content for just $4.99!)



(Dir. Nicole Solomon)

In this short loosely based on Germanic myth, 4MC partner Sean Mannion stars as an anxious man trying to stay one step ahead of his demons. Horror vet (and star of our upcoming feature Meme) Sarah Schoofs may have some other ideas.


Beneath the Black Moon

(Dir. Sean Mannion)

While this was written and directed by a dude, it’s a female-centric story and primarily features women and nonbinary folks as department heads behind the camera as well. This is the terrible horror film certain characters in our upcoming Meme are obsessed with finding on VHS. At first we were just gonna shoot a scene or two to put in Meme, we ended up making a whole weirdo short.

If you dig it, you can purchase it on VHS as a double feature with Small Talk (along with a ton of bonus material) from Magnetic Magic Rentals.



(Dir. Sean Mannion)

Digging deeper in the vault, here’s an early horrifying short written and directed by Sean concerning an extremely creepy prog rock bootleg and an unusual take on an avenging angel. Starring Ashley Jordan along with Meme’s Sarah Schoofs and Kitty Ostapowicz, produced by Katie Carman-Lehach and Jessica Mannion.


Bring Us Your Women (“Joan of Arc” segment)

(Dir. Nicole Solomon)

Bring Us Your Women is a musical multimedia project masterminded by Boston-based composer Catherine Capozzi “dedicated to women and the pursuit of divinity and freedom.” One aspect of the project is an anthology of short films by different directors (produced by Capozzi along with filmmakers Sophia Cacciola and Michael Epstein), each set to one of Capozzi’s compositions about a female figure in history and/or mythology. Nicole directed a somewhat horrific, practical effects-studded segment about Joan of Arc starring Marie Zoumanigui. Other segments were made by some of our fave scary movie directors like Izzy Lee and Andrea Wolanin, so go take a look at an unconventional film of interest to horror fans.

Watch for free on Amazon Prime, or rent on Vimeo On Demand.



(Dir. Sean Mannion)

Another Sean Mannion/Sarah Schoofs collaboration, this time in the form of a Cronenberg tribute.

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