The 4MileCircus Episode 45: Lisbeth Kaufman

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On our 45th trip to The Circus, Sean and Nicole talk to Lisbeth Kauffman, Co-Founder and CEO of Kitsplit, the “Air BnB of cameras” which connects visual storytellers to individuals and production companies looking to rent out their gear. We talk to Lisbeth about how Kitsplit started, building community as indie filmmakers, growing up on set with Troma, and why women should brag more. We conclude with a #rare couple rounds of Uncle Sean’s The NewlyMet Game, in which Nicole and Lisbeth try to guess each other’s first horror movie, favorite Muppet, and more!

See the very first 4MileCircus feature-length film MEME at The Art of Brooklyn film festival on June 9th!:

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The Case For Bragging:

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