The 4MileCircus Episode 46: 2018 Summer Vacation Special

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On episode 46 Sean and Nicole focus on 4MileCircus news you can use before going on a summer hiatus. We talk about the world premiere of 4MileCircus’s first feature-length film Meme at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, where it won Outstanding Narrative Feature Film! We also discuss the NYC premiere of our short film Sanctuary at IndieWorks’ annual Pride screening, where it won the Audience Choice award; the upcoming premiere of our surreal short Rubber Ducky; and the status of our next horror short, It’s Normal and what we’ll be working on over our summer podcasting break.


We conclude with the Q&A from Meme’s premiere screening featuring Writer/Director Sean Mannion, Producer Carolyn Maher, DP Peter Westervelt and star Sarah Schoofs discussing what prompted children to yell “fuck your movie”, among other behind-the-scenes gems.


We’ll be back in the fall! Have a great summer and see you then!


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Art of Brooklyn Film Festival:

Spoiler Free Movie Sleuth Meme Review:


Jeanette Sears:

Breakfast of Champions (the Jean Grae & Quelle Chris song Nicole quoted):

…Which is on their excellent album Everything’s Fine, which you should buy:

Yessica Curiel Montoya:

Rubber Ducky:


Audre’s Revenge:

Victoria Negri:

Gold Star:

4MC Youtube Channel:

Meme commercials:

Beneath the Black Moon:

Magnetic Magic Rentals:

Small Talk :

Sarah Schoofs:

Peter Westervelt:

Carolyn Maher:



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