The 4MileCircus Episode 24: Late Cambrian (Part 1)

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Late Cambrian’s John Wlaysewski and Olive Hui sit down for the first of a two part conversation about making it work as an indie rock band. From meeting as background actors on Nurse Jackie through snagging reviews for their current LP, Golden Time, Olive and John take us through building and promoting a band. Topics discussed include the pitfalls of finding band members through Craig’s List, releasing music on cassette, getting big in Japan, starting a PR company, and the art of balancing peppy melodies with depressing lyrics.

Nicole also shares a social media tip about time-bound behind the scenes social media content, we share our favorite things including The Americans, Legion, Preacher, and, and play a rousing game of Uncle Sean’s Trivia Game About Trivia.

Watch 4MileCircus on Instagram for an upcoming Late Cambrian contest, and look out for the conclusion of this interview on May 15, in which John and Olive discuss music production and funding (including John’s recent work with Tracy Bonham), as well as Olive’s YouTube series, New York Real.

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