Podcast of the Week: Taped Off TV

We are so excited to announce that former-Podcast-of-the-Week Brothers From Another Planet co-host LeMar McLean has a new podcasting endeavor. This time he’s teamed up with Philly artist Nicole Krecicki for Taped Off TV, a new show aimed a listeners of a certain age who were shaped by the pop culture of the 80s and 90s, especially those of color and/or LGBTQIA. More from McLean:

“The Taped Off TV podcast is our open invitation to YOU, to reminisce and geek out, but also to sit with what’s like for geeks of color and from the LGBT community to reconcile their love for this period, which traded heavily on exploitation and stereotyping of both groups.”

The first episode is an in-depth discussion of Krecicki’s favorite film, the Christina Applegate comedy Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead. Find out what happens when two adults revisit this 1991 film through 2018 eyes.

Listen to it here or on your podcast platform of choice! Subscribe so you never miss and episode, and leave a review if you like what you hear.


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